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DEAD PREZ These Are The Times Lyrics

DEAD PREZ These Are The Times Lyrics [Verse 1] The televisions have eyes Your modern religion is live Plotting a collision world wide Watch the hour glass, the power class Showing currency for world supremacy Burroughs is burned down deliberately, son We ain’t about whats devil level Smell the gun metal King to mo’ man […]

D12 Changed Man Lyrics

D12 Changed Man Lyrics “Changed Man” (feat. Johnta’ Austin, T.I.) [2Pac] Shit, I’m a changed man Ay, turn the lights out Big baller 2Pac up in this bitch Y’know how we swing this shit, look [Verse One: 2Pac] By age sixteen I sold to dopefiends Not yet a drug dealer, but I watched ’em closely […]

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